Setting language learning goals

No matter where you’re at on your language learning journey, it’s important to set yourself some goals. Whether its; having a 5 minute conversation in your target language, being able to watch a movie without subtitles, or attending a few classes. Setting goals gives you added motivation and allows you to celebrate your progress.

Seeing as though we’re settling into the new year, I’d thought I’d take some time reflect on my language learning goals for 2018. So here is what I’m hoping the next 365 days will bring in terms of languages:

1.Return to Chinese

I spent the majority of my teen years studying arguably one of the hardest languages (especially for native speakers of European languages) – a total of 7 years! My Chinese was pretty good if I do say myself, however after taking a year long break from study my skills are pretty rusty.

Crazy how you can spend so long developing a skill, but then lose it so quickly! So in 2018, I’m gonna dust off my old textbooks, exercise my intonation and get back on the 中文 saddle.

2.Develop fluency in Portuguese

I’ve been studying Português Brasileiro well over a year now and absolutely loving it! My love for the language and culture has helped expedite my progress greatly, which means 2018 will be all about honing in on my skills and achieving greater fluency.


3.Explore other languages

I don’t anticipate starting any other language learning ventures apart from the ones I’ve already mentioned. But I do plan on exploring other languages and cultures. These will probably include Spanish, British Sign Language or Italian (and anything else that catches my eye!)


Comment below – what are your language learning goals for 2018?

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