Discover Languages is a blog centered around the world of language learning. Expect creative content, top tips and first hand experiences that are all aimed at motivating you to reach your language learning goals.

So whether you’re a long-term language learner or a budding linguist – make sure to keep posted on all that is to come!


About the Author: 

My name is Fola Kalesanwo, I’m a young professional working and living in London with a huge passion for language learning. My experience with foreign languages started from the age of about 13, where I started to learn Mandarin. In hindsight, perhaps starting with arguably one of the hardest languages in the world wasn’t the best choice. But hey, if I was able to crack Chinese then any other language would be a piece of cake, right? (or so I thought…). Over the years, I’ve taken up different language learning ventures and continue to set myself new goals.

Learning a new language as I have experienced is full of highs, lows, great achievements and milestones, but also feelings of frustration and discouragement. I still have a long way to go before reaching my language learning goals, but I plan on having the most fun while getting there!


(that’s me!)